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No.1 The Farm

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

In the heart of the Radnor Valley, in Radnorshire, Mid Wales, Powell's Farm sits amongst the rolling green hills on the edge of the Radnor Forest surrounded by natural beauty. The Powell family have been farming here since 1974. Over the years we have added to the infrastructure and acres to create a sustainable farm business ready for the next generation - that is us!

An upland farm rising from 1000 to 1600 feet above sea level with a great array of natural habitats from species rich hedgerows, native woodland, improved and unimproved grassland, hay meadows and stream-side corridors which are bursting with natural flora and fauna. As well as all of the wildlife which reside here, the farm is home to a flock of mixed breed mischievous sheep who have been bred to thrive on the farms conditions and produce the highest quality welsh lamb.

We also have a herd of charming cows who produce the finest welsh beef. Our livestock are cared for everyday with great care and attention and to what we believe are the highest standards of health and welfare in the world. You can also find Dixie the donkey, our pampered ponies, a couple of playful pigs, some cheeky chickens and our cunning cats roaming around the farm at different times of the year. And last but by no means least is our workforce, the farm dogs, who we would be lost without - Richie, Blue and Fly.

Did You Know?

Welsh Lamb and Beef is recognised world wide for its quality, having gained Protected Geographical Indication – or PGI status, This is a way of recognising a specific geographical area that produces high-quality food and drink. This means that PGI Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef is different and has special characteristics that are unique to Wales and cannot be replicated anywhere else. When it comes to producing quality meat, Wales has the perfect environment. Our clean air, rich grass and clean mountain streams produce excellence, naturally. Thanks to the PGI guidelines, you can trace your meat all the way back to the field, giving you the reassurance that you’re only buying the very best from trusted farmers with high welfare standards. To find out more visit

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