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Our Products

Coming soon - Limited Availability

All of our products are hand-packaged and made with love. We are new to this so products have limited availability.


Autumnal Floral Display

Don't miss out on one of our unique and stunning pumpkin displays to brighten up your home this Autumn.  Created with our home grown pumpkins, sunflowers and array of beautiful autumn flowers and foliage this is a must have this season.  Make a loved ones day with this colourful arrangement or take some "me time" and simply enjoy it for yourself. 

Made to order with all the love and care it requires.  Limited numbers available so don't delay, order today.   Pictures shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to pumpkin and flower availability. 

Up-cycled Christmas Trees

Make your house a home this Christmas and be kind to the planet with our up-cycled Christmas Trees. Have some fun with the kids and choose the natural model and decorate it yourself or go for the ready to go painted with lights model - you can even choose your own colour and whether you want a hint of sparkle.  Struggling for a gift idea for someone special or need a stand out secret santa present - this is the answer.

Picture shown is for illustration purposes. Actual product will vary according to the model chosen and the pallet availability. Suitable for inside or outside use. Lights require AA batteries.

Available in:

Natural - Decorate yourself - £10

Painted Forest Green - £15

Painted Forest Green with star shaped fairy lights - £17.50

Painted Forest Green with glitter and star shaped fairy lights - £20

*Other colours and variations may be available on request, get in touch to discuss. 

Homemade Preserves

Powells Pumpkin Chutney

Once the pumpkin picking season is over we're going to turn any left over pumpkins into a delicious chutney so that nothing goes to waste.  Signup up to our mailing list so that we can let you know when its available to buy.

Powell's Farm Wales' pumpkin chutney will allow you to truly enjoy what nature has to offer. The Pumpkin is a nutritional powerhouse! It's rich, orange colour demonstrating it is bursting full of beta carotene the precursor to vitamin A, which helps heal the body from infections and enhance eye sight and gene transcription. Pumpkins are full of antioxidant compounds, as well as being low in calories, high in fibre, potassium, and many other nutrients you'd be crazy not to try it.

Picture for illustration purposes. 

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